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🎇 New year resolution equals new habits 💪

Last updated Jan 2, 2023 Edit Source

Your new year resolution should be a set of new habits to achieve your goals (regardless whether the goals is new this year or not).

Goals without concrete action (or project) to achieve them is only a dream. ~P.A.R.A., by Tiago Forte

Best tip I have regarding personal goal setting:

  1. Set your goal with the end in mind, be as detailed as you can. Don’t use “Lose weight”, but actually imagine the ideal body you want.
  2. Define several key metrics related with your goal. Weight probably not the best metric, you can also measure waist size/length, muscle mass, fat %, etc.
  3. Set a specific target for one or more key metric above.
  4. Create a set of habits that will help you achieve those target. e.g. workout everyday for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Create a rhythm for evaluating you habits: daily, weekly, and monthly reviews. Do any course correction nescessary if you find yourself not doing the habit. e.g. Simplify the habit, make the target more achieveable, etc.

Several great resources: